Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Education for Physiotherapists & Manual Therapists

This is Anatomy Train’s new core certification program: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI – formerly known as KMI). The ATSI program is based on my development of Ida Rolf’s pioneering work, progressed for the electronic age.

This course has been taught around the world and received support from a wide variety of health and movement professionals.

This is a course suitable for healthcare and manual technique professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapists. It is also relevant to movement professionals who are interested in developing manual techniques.

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Workshops in Singapore


Anatomy Trains® in Structure & Function

30 March – 1 April 2023

After another successful run in Nov 2022, Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function will be back again on 30 Mar – 1 Apr 2023 for the 8th time in Singapore. Register now to book your seat.

This is the first workshop to introduce the concepts of Anatomy Trains and is the pre-requisite for the subsequent Structural Essentials modules.

Structural Essentials: Arches and Legs

3 – 5 April 2023

The next series of Structural Essentials modules start in April 2023 with Arches and Legs. This is the first module in Structural Essentials (Part 1) for those who wishes to progress into the full ATSI certification course.

Arches & Legs: Underpinning all of our structure is the foot’s interaction with the ground, imbalances here clearly have consequences further up the body.

More Anatomy Trains Structural Integration modules coming up in 2023

Watch this space for more information

We are currently working with Anatomy Trains head office to confirm the full schedule for Anatomy Trains Structure Integration course in 2023 and beyond. If you are interested to attend any Anatomy Trains courses, please register your interest and you will notified when the schedule becomes available.

Structural Essentials: Fans of the Hip

Coming in Q3/Q4 of 2023

Learn about the complex role of the hip and pelvis that combines to transfer the forces from both legs and into the spine.

Structural Essentials: Abdomen, Chest & Breath

Coming in Q3/Q4 of 2023

The breath is an essential food for life and its passage in and out of the body can be compromised by structural issues in the trunk.

Structural Essentials : Tensegrity Spine

Coming in Q3/Q4 of 2023

This course examines the spine as a tensegrity truss – how the bones float within the myofascial balance.



Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

What is the Aging with Spinal Asymmetry course about?

Aging with Spinal Asymmetry, or any asymmetry, requires intentional movement education for effectiveness.

This evidence-informed course addresses the differing approaches necessary to successfully focus on the often overlooked and unknown impact on the young adult, the connective tissue looseness of the pre-natal and post-partum phase, the delicate play between spine stability and mobility for each phase, and neurologic/fascial implications for balance and gait promotion, especially for the older adult.

Learn about the life phases, the implications for skeletal, fascial tissue and neurologic changes, and how to recognize and adapt to the shifting nature of asymmetry in each phase of adulthood.

Get a better understanding on how to apply the principles of form and fascial force closure for structural integrity.