Slings in Motion® 1

Slings in Motion® I

Superficial Back Line & Superficial Front Line

 Slings in Motion I is a practical course that will move you!


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Course Description

Slings in Motion I is the first of the series of Slings repertoire courses. It revolves around a very influential myofascial
meridian duo; the «supportive, quietly persevering» Superficial Back Line and the «protective, proactive» Superficial
Front Line of the Anatomy Trains body map.

All Slings in Motion modules are self-contained, practical repertoire courses. Although each Slings in Motion course
has a clearly defined theme and a unique exercise selection, they have common features.


Practical execution of a contrasting blend of:

  • Differentiated and integrated multidimensional exercises in all body positions.
  • Slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences.
  • Exercise variations with and without additional props.

In-depth discussion of:

  • Movement execution.
  • Functional anatomy.
  • Short-term and long-term exercise aims.
  • Slings guiding principles.
  • Slings myofascial training techniques.
  • Purposeful sequencing.

Functionally choreographed, smooth flowing Slings SynerChi movement sequences. Daily Slings in Motion master classes.


General Conditions

Duration: 3 days (21 hours)
Handout: In-depth education manual with detailed photographic references.
Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains® in Motion, Slings Essentials.
Certificate: Certificate of Attendance «Slings in Motion® I» from art of motion training in movement
Completion: After completing the Foundation Education you will obtain the «Certificate of Completion: Slings Foundation Education.



Muriel Morwitzer

Certified Anatomy Trains Movement Teacher

Mumu is a Senior Lecturer & Manager art of motion training in movement®, Australia Director & Proprietor of art of motion Movement Studio, Margaret River Australia

Mumu is a dedicated Movement Teacher, Dancer & Educator: Certificate IV in Matwork Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology; Diploma in Matwork & reformer Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology; Diploma of Contemporary Dance, Laban Centre London; Physical Theatre Teacher and Choreographer, Ecole d‘ Humanite Switzerland; Wu Tao Instructor (A dance form that incorporates the Chinese Meridians)

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