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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Course for Pilates Professionals

by Dr. Suzanne Martin

Course description

Breast cancer is now considered a chronic condition. Currently, the American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 3 million women in the U.S. presently live with breast cancer, about 2.3 million have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and about 1 million do not yet know they have the disease.

The Pilates Methodology, therapeutically applied, is an excellent medium to guide these growing populations undergoing a life-altering experience. Meet the pressing need of clients living with breast cancer. Learn specific applications in the Pilates environment aimed at the skilled intervention level of a licensed physical therapist. Discover how you can facilitate the rehabilitation of reconstruction procedures and avoid lymphedema risks.

Specific contraindications to Pilates and the benefits of Pilates will be explained. Course content also reviews structural assessment and current research on the positive rationale for exercise for cancer survivors. Guidelines on how to progress clients, avoid lymphedema, and prescribe a complete physical program will be explained. Manual treatments will be suggested and demonstrated as time permits.


This is a basic to intermediate course.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the connection between the rehabilitation of Pilates elder Eve Gentry and the Pilates Method
  2. Better describe the nature of cancer, along with its etiology and cultural attachments to the breast.
  3. Perform an assessment to identify cancer treatment physical limitations, treatment’s secondary limitations, as well as differentially diagnose fatigue and pain syndromes.
  4. Describe and apply an evidence-based rationale for physical therapy intervention in the rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation phases for survivors, including reconstruction issues and ongoing treatment issues.
  5. Better describe the stresses on the lymphatic system and how they apply to intervention.
  6. Safely apply guidelines and contraindications for therapeutic treatment.
  7. Perform a functional evaluation to identify core/trunk strength as well as other extremity  movement dysfunctions.
  8. Explain the benefits and differences between the popular Classic conditioning Method and the therapeutic application of the Method.
  9. Learn mat and apparatus Pilates-based mat exercises appropriate for those undergoing acute treatment as well as those in chronic survivorship.
  10. Identify contraindications for Pilates/ exercise and plan appropriate treatments in the therapeutic application of the Pilates Method and its environment.
  11. Set up a home well-being program for managing the chronic condition of breast cancer survivorship.
  12. Prescribe a comprehensive post-rehabilitation physical program for breast cancer survivors.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for  professional Pilates instructors

About Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin, MA, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT is a doctor of physical therapy and a gold-certified Pilates expert. She has 25 years of experience in the health and movement fields, blending art and science into her instruction. She is a Master ACE and ASCM trainer, and maintains a private Pilates/physical therapy practice, Total Body Development in Alameda, California. As a performing arts specialist, she conducts nutrition seminars for the School of the San Francisco Ballet, and has been the lead physical therapist for Smuin Ballet in San Francisco for 15 years. Since 2001, through Pilates Therapeutics®, she provides instructional DVD’s and courses in the therapeutic application of the Pilates Method and nutrition. Her extensive writings have appeared in Dance Magazine, Penguin books, the Journal of Dance Medicine and Science, Physical Therapy Products, as well as others.


This course has been cancelled. Please contact us for further information.


28 – 30 July 2017
Friday – Sunday
9am – 5pm



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