Pilates For Menopause™

Pilates For Menopause™


by Carolyne Sinhu Anthony, founder of The Centre For Women’s Fitness

PMA Approved 16 CECs, PAA (Pilates Alliance of Australia) Approved 6 CECs

Over the last few years it has become apparent that menopausal women need a specific program that includes strength training (for bone health) cardiovascular workouts (for hormone balance and weight management) balance exercises stretching and releasing, breathing and relaxation (for stress reduction, lymph drainage and resetting the para sympathetic nervous system). At this time most women should aim to remain active, toned and functional. This course will introduce new exercise concepts that are specific to the aging FEMALE population.

This program will instruct the experienced Pilates Teacher in how to apply Pilates exercises to clients who are currently experiencing menopause or have finished the process. The program utilizes Pilates based exercises on the mat and equipment as well as breathing and relaxation techniques to aid in issues such as anxiety and stress during this time. Innovative exercises on the mat, reformer and cadillac are shown.

Workshop objectives:

  • To understand the physiology of a menopausal woman
  • To develop exercise concepts unique to this population
  • To design appropriate sessions that take into account the changes in a menopausal body
  • To understand the emotional and mental as well as the physical body
  • To learn application of Pilates exercises on the Mat and Equipment

Course outline:

  • What is menopause? What are the symptoms? How do the symptoms affect exercise?
  • Understanding the key areas of the body that need attention during this time
  • Addressing the need to exercise differently during this time
  • Practical sessions on the Mat
  • Practical sessions on the Reformer
  • Practical sessions on the Cadillac
  • Practical sessions on the Chair


This course had ended.


FEES: S$1300 (inclusive of course manuals)


Early Bird Special: S$1200 before 31 Mar 2016